Laptop Burns

Over the years, as computers have become more common, there have been a number of recalls of monitors or consoles due to problems with overheating. Dell in particular has had a problem with monitors overheating and burning down houses or at least causing fires. Laptops, as they have become more common, also pose a risk of overheating.

The problem with laptops is that they are meant to be used on firm, hard surfaces. When they are placed on the lap like their name implies they should be, they can potentially overheat. A recent test showed that a laptop could heat up to 100 degrees when in use. That shows a significant risk of burning a user should that user put the laptop on his or her lap.

As a result of this risk, laptops are more frequently known as notebook personal computers. There have been numerous cases reported over the years where an individual has used his or her computer on his or her lap and ended up with burns on the legs and other areas. In some cases, the laptop managed to burn the user through pants and undergarments.

With the creation of special processors for notebooks, the heat a computer gives off has been diminished. This does not prevent some computers from malfunctioning. Also, older computers do not necessarily have these cooler-running features.