Grease Burns

Many people find fried food to be delicious and don’t realize the hazards that go along with cooking in grease. Grease can splatter while it is being heated for cooking or can spill everywhere when it is being taken out of a pan. Fast food restaurants are a significant source of danger for grease burns due to the large fryers that are used to fry French fries and chicken strips.

When a person at home is hit by splattering grease from cooking bacon or pan-frying something else, the grease typically isn’t that hot. The grease may sting or leave a tiny red mark, but splatter injuries aren’t likely to result in much more than a first degree burn.

While this is true for splatters, it is not true when a person is hurt by grease coming out of a pan or deep fryer. These burns are much more likely to result in second and third degree burns. Grease burns frequently result in large blisters. These blisters, if not handled correctly, can become infected and result in a severe health risk.

Another problem with grease burns is that they can result in significant scarring. Hypertrophic scars are not uncommon, even if the burn is from more of a splatter than having grease poured on a person. Because of the potential for serious complications, it is important that anyone who has been burned by grease seek medical attention. It is also necessary to follow the directions of the doctors and not try to treat the burns at home.