Types of Burn Injuries

People who are injured in an explosion or fire-related accident may suffer burn injuries as a result of the incident. Burns are typically categorized by their depth and traditionally fall into three categories, first, second, and third degree burns. First degree burns are usually of the superficial variety (like sunburns) and can usually be treated by over-the-counter remedies. Second degree burns are deeper and may include blistering, redness, and serious pain. Third degree burns can involve all skin layers and may require surgery to treat.

Individuals who suffer serious burns may require hospitalization, treatment, and rehabilitation. Along with the differing degrees of burns, there are several different types of burns from which an individual may suffer. It is important to be aware of the different types of burns and what types of accidents may cause each.

Burn Types

Some of the most common types of burns and burn injuries include the following:

Many of the burns listed above can be caused by common household items or elements that surround individuals each and every day. Lots of these injuries can be treated at home and require nothing more than time to heal. However, if a person suffers a burn that is extremely painful or causes severe damage to the skin, he or she should seek immediate medical treatment.

For more information on different types of burns and burn treatment options, contact burn injury attorneys.